Oregon for Safer Technology (OST) is a grassroots public-interest group advocating for biologically-safe digital technology in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Our hundreds of hours of research over the last 3 years, from sources worldwide, confirm that radio frequency radiation (RFR) from wireless technologies is harmful to us and all life forms. 

Please Help STOP 5G! - NO Need, NO Want

We are witnessing the worst ecological catastrophes in our history. Fossil fuel burning has decreased while wireless use has increased exponentially! Please take the time to understand the back story. You can disconnect and still stay connected. Learn how and feel better.  

Join the 5G Global Protest in your Neighborhood on Sept 18th-19th. 

Ashland Rally on Sept 18th 2021 (location TBD)



Research finds bees and pollinators absorb between 3% to 370% of the higher frequencies of 5G. Wireless signals interfere with birds' navigation systems and their reproduction is threatened. Trees have altered growth, thinner cell walls and adverse biochemical changes. 

The evidence for the association of cell phones and cancer, including brain tumors, is growing. Brain tumor incidence in some areas is rising as well.  Most people have concerns about carrying cell phones close to their bodies after Dr. Hardell and others published carefully performed blinded studies showing an association between brain tumors with extended cell phone use (over 2,000 hours) and  on the same side of the head where the tumors were located.


Children's Health Defense is suing the FCC overreach with OTARD ("Over The Air Reception Devices"). Please  sign the PETITION    and learn more here. 


"Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jr.