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Help Us Hire Cell Tower Legal Expert Andrew Campanelli

Oregon for Safer Technology has initiated a fundraising campaign to hire expert lawyer Andrew Campanelli, to draft a wireless facilities ordinance for the City of Ashland.

Andrew J. Campanelli

Mr. Campanelli has helped dozens of cities across the U.S. push back against unnecessary installation of new cell towers and other wireless facilities including 5G small cell towers.

He is the go-to expert for grassroots groups and city councils who find themselves in a David vs. Goliath moment with telecommunications companies.

An ordinance written by Mr. Campanelli could serve as a model for Ashland and ALL Oregon cities, helping our city councils take back the authority that is their right under the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Why Hire Andrew Campanelli?

His ordinance would avoid the mistakes made by cities using their general municipal lawyers in either misunderstanding the 1996 Telecommunications Act, or by embracing the telecom-friendly ordinances such as the “League of Oregon Cities” wireless ordinance boilerplate. Learn more in this short video from Mr. Campanelli.

5G small cell installation in a residential neighborhood
Support our fundraiser to avoid small cell antennas appearing in your neighborhood!

Concerns over 5G Towers

Health: Wireless radiation has been linked to cancer, infertility, and neurodegeneration

Energy Efficiency: 5G towers use extreme amounts of electricity

Environmental: Wireless radiation has been shown to harm flora and fauna

Fire Hazard: Internal wiring inside 5G antennas does not meet National Electric Code and has been linked to fires in California and elsewhere

Property Values: Real Estate studies show 5G antennas placed in front of homes can lower their value up to 20%

Here's how to Support our Fundraiser

With your support, this is a golden opportunity to change Ashland, and Oregon's future for the better.

We feel strongly that hiring Andrew Campanelli is the only way to maintain legal authority over Telecom and their reckless and unnecessary installation of wireless facilities.

If you feel the same, there are two ways to help:


Mr. Campanelli’s fee is $8500.00 — As of the time of this writing, we have raised approximately 25%!!!

We’re asking for a minimum $50.00 donation. Though, we’re happy to receive any amount, large or small. All donations are tax-deductible. Click the button below to donate.

You can also mail a check to our office:

Oregon for Safer Technology

PO Box 82412

Portland, OR 97282

*please add note "AJC Hire"

Fundraiser Event

Join us at Jackson Wellsprings for an evening to come together around this issue. Details:

5G Safety Overview / Public Efforts for a 5G Ordinance in Ashland

The Community Room - Jackson Wellsprings

2253 Highway 99 N, Ashland, OR

December 1, 2023

6:30 – 8:30 PM

Topics to Include:

Legal issues and protecting Ashland from corporate control

Harmful effects of man-made RF radiation

Serious risk of fire from wireless facilities

Advantages of fiber optics

Fundraising for Wireless Attorney Andrew Campanelli

Convincing Ashland City Council to use Campanelli

4G LTE versus 5G

Oregon for safer technology

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