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Stay informed with these vital articles and resources

Excellent Science and Research:

For those new to the topic, it is very hard to understand how we arrived at this point in our society where we are living with radiation exposures, harmful to us and all living things, without our consent and without proper protective oversight by our government. Fortunately, we can take action to mitigate exposures and we can call upon local governments to protect their residents, especially children.  


There is an abundance of scientific evidence showing adverse effects from wireless and electromagnetic radiation, at legally allowed levels. The resources available for self-education and research are abundant as well. Learn more and become educated; throughout history, it is always the informed citizens that make the difference.

Resource websites:


Americans for Responsible Technology (ART):


Although the EHT site listed next is considered the premier website, the ART site is a good starting point with an excellent overview summary pertaining to wireless radiation:  Wireless Radiation:

An Undeniable Risk to Human Health (Under the ‘Science’ heading see ‘Science Explained’). Additionally, the ‘Scientific Studies’ are organized very nicely by topic. The Safe Tech Schools site included below shares the same parent organization.


Environmental Health Trust (EHT):


This site is considered the premier and most comprehensive resource when it comes to wireless and other harmful non-ionizing radiation. The Environmental Health Trust, led by renowned scientist Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH, is a think tank that promotes a healthier environment through research. Currently, EHT focuses on raising awareness of the established impacts of cell phone use on public health and performing cutting-edge research on exposure to cell phones and other wireless radiation.


Additional Resources – these are in no particular order and there are many more resources not listed here.  (Most of the websites contain additional resource recommendations.)


Tech Safe Schools: 

Bioinitiative Report:   (An extensive compilation of peer reviewed scientific papers including well written summaries.)

Physicians For Safe Technology:          (The Executive Summary is excellent)

Scientists for Wired Technology:

Canadians 4 Safe Technology:

The Baby Safe Project:

Electromagnetic Radiation Safety:

Microwave News:

Parents For Safe Technology: 

Electromagnetic Health:

EMF Analysis:

Power Watch:    

Physicians Health Initiative For Radiation And Environment:

EMF Scientist:

Electrosensitive Society: 

For help identifying and reducing EMF radiation in your home, consider hiring a local Building Biologist:

Oregon/Washington and Remote Consulting: Shane Reilly

Southern Oregon and Remote Consulting: Edwin Turula

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