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Cell Tower to be Placed on SOU Stadium Light Pole

Updated: Jan 17

Can we prevent the placement of this tower (or help remove it, once it's up)?

Southern Oregon University and AT&T are moving forward with plans to strap 4G and 5G cellular antennas to one of the SOU stadium light posts near schools, homes and dormitories. OST will be monitoring the radiation levels and surveying the health status of the nearby neighbors once the tower becomes active for a before and after comparison.  We encourage our OST supporters to write in to the president of SOU, Richard Bailey, to protest this tower. Also, please contact us to volunteer to walk the area for the survey. Details to come. Thank you.

President Bailey, SOU email:

Research to include in your message:


this is what the cell tower at Southern Oregon University would look like
Artist's Rendition of the Antenna Array at SOU

Concerns over 4G/5G Cell Towers

Health: Wireless radiation has been linked to cancer, infertility, and neurodegeneration

Energy Efficiency: 5G towers use extreme amounts of electricity

Environmental: Wireless radiation has been shown to harm flora and fauna

Fire Hazard: Internal wiring inside 5G antennas does not meet National Electric Code and has been linked to fires in California and elsewhere

Property Values: Real Estate studies show 5G antennas placed in front of homes can lower their value up to 20%

Fighting Back Against Cell Towers that are unnecessary and harmful- Please donate to our legal fund to make our Ashland effort airtight and legal

We need your continued support to help us see this mission through, to make Ashland a model Oregon city that puts health and safety of its citizens at the top. Once written, it will be available to other Oregon municipalities, offering more protective codes for telecommunications facilities.

OST, with the generous donations from our supporters, many of whom are fellow Ashland residents, have raised the money to hire cell tower attorney A. Campanelli. 

You can read more about Mr. Campanelli and how he can help Ashland in our article here. To make a long story short, Mr. Campanelli specializes in creating comprehensive ordinances for Wireless Communications Facilities (WCF) that will help cities like Ashland control where cell towers are placed, rather than leaving control to: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and the contractors that build and maintain their towers.

Mr. Campanelli is one of the main components in our strategy, with the other being the involvement of an Oregon land use lawyer, still to be hired, who will scrutinize the ordinances and make sure they are legally written according to Ashland city ordinances and Oregon law.

Contact Oregon for Safer Technology

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