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Wireless Safety & Education

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit of grassroots leaders throughout Oregon working with community members and legislators on local, state and national issues regarding safer technology through awareness and education. 

Coming in 2023! New Website 

We are excited to be joining forces with 5G Free Oregon and Wireless Education Action. This collaboration will bring new opportunities to educate and raise awareness around the dangers of unchecked wireless. We would appreciate your support in the form of a tax deductible donation before year's end to help us with our goals. 

Greater Knowledge and Protection from EMFs and Wireless Radiation

What is the Concern with Wireless Radiation?  

Pregnant women and young children not only are the most vulnerable to wireless technology, but they are the future of this country.

The technology offered today by the wireless industry puts powerful transmitters, as well as receivers, much closer to users of all ages than ever before. This two-way communication, and the increased radiation needed to support it, is considered by most to be safe, despite the fact that manufacturers of wireless devices warn consumers to keep their phones, tablets, baby monitors and other wireless devices away from their bodies. That fact alone should concern everyone.

Scientific research and lawsuits damage cases only come after thousands of people have already been affected. We found that in the past, with cigarette smoke and lung cancer, with chemical pollution and cancers (many chemicals are now banned or restricted), with lead in gasoline, etc.…  

In the last 25 years there is an exponential increase in ADHD, autism, miscarriage, stillbirths, sperm damage, brain cancers, Electro-Sensitivities, insomnia, headaches, memory problems, anxiety and more…in parallel with the exponential growth of the wireless technology. Again, young children are the first to be affected and the future of our country as well.

Most people who use the technology may say/claim they or their family members are not affected. Unfortunately, very few doctors know how to diagnose radiation sickness properly, and they do not make the connection between their symptoms and their exposure to wireless radiation. 


What is wireless technology?


Wireless technology is any means of sending information or energy through space without wires. It includes:

  • satellites, radar, radio, television, cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens

  • smart meters, WiFi, Bluetooth, fitness trackers, smart watches, baby monitors

  • wireless keyboards, mice, printers, headphones and speakers, wireless security systems, wireless car keys, wireless garage door openers, wireless battery chargers, remote controls, wireless microphones

  • RFID chips in credit cards and driver’s licenses, radio collars and chips in wildlife, cattle and pets, chips in home appliances

  • wireless hearing aids, assistive listening devices, medical alert pendants, chips in medical implants, wireless pacemakers

  • autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots

  • numerous other radio-enabled devices that are proliferating in today’s world


​Every one of these devices, without exception, emits pulsed electro magnetic radiation, PEMR.



Oregon for Safer Technology (OST) is a grassroots public-interest group advocating for biologically-safer digital technology in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Our hundreds of hours of research over the last 4 years, from sources worldwide, confirm that radio frequency radiation (RFR) from wireless technologies is harmful to us and all life forms. 

"Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jr.

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