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The New Hampshire Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology issued its final report to New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu on Friday, concluding that safety assurances for 5G have “come into question because of the thousands of peer-reviewed studies documenting deleterious health effects associated with cellphone radiation exposure.” 

The majority of the commission voted to support 15 recommendations to the New Hampshire governor. 


Recommendations include: 

  • Support an independent study of 5G health effects.

  • Reduce public exposure to cell phones, wireless devices, and Wi-Fi in schools and libraries.

  • Ensure cell network infrastructure antenna setbacks from schools and homes

  • Measure levels of cell network radiation.

  • Establish wireless radiation limits to protect trees and insects.

  • Establish more sophisticated measurement protocols to include high data rates.

  • Require software changes to reduce radiation exposure into the body

  • Establish wireless radiation-free zones.

  • Call on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission to do an environmental assessment on the impact of 5G and wireless infrastructure expansion.

From Bermuda:

Pressure groups unite to oppose introduction of 5G mobile phone technology