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Why Safer Tech?

Technology is all around us these days. In the last 130 years, our homes, cars and offices have filled with electronics that consume electricity and send or receive signals. These devices allow us to do incredible things like connect with someone on the other side of the world, or keep our homes warm in the winter. But did you know these devices emit a variety of radiation, commonly referred to as electromagnetic fields (EMF)? Researchers have found many negative effects from EMF on body systems, including links to cancer, neurodegeneration, diabetes, and infertility.


Effects on the Body

Did you know that our bodies have their own internal electrical system? That’s why doctors use machines that analyze electrical activity to look at your heart or brain. On the other hand, the artificial energy used in our homes, cars, and offices is different, and not complimentary. It’s similar to losing radio reception when you drive under power lines. However, inside our bodies, ‘losing reception’ means inflammation and ultimately disease processes.


Common Sources of Wireless & EMF Radiation

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Environmental Impact

Rachel Carson, in her seminal 1962 book, Silent Spring, wrote about the devastating and long-lasting effects of pesticides which continue to impact all wildlife and species, including humans. Today, we have another silent spring: wireless radiation in our environment from cell phones, cell towers, wireless equipment and devices is harmful to birds, bees, insects, trees, and all living things.

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