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Ashland Considering New City Ordinances Restricting Cell Tower Placement

Ashland is on the cusp of becoming the first city in Oregon to adopt city ordinances giving more power to citizens (instead of to the Wireless Industry like T-mobile, AT&T and Verizon) in regards to placement and permitting process for new wireless infrastructure like cell towers. This would include so-called 5G, the fifth generation of wireless technology.

This could be a watershed moment for Oregon, opening up the possibility for other cities in the state to protect residents in similar ways.

Ashland's efforts include entering a service contract with attorney Andrew Campanelli, known for helping other cities adopt fair ordinances that require more accountability from wireless corporations.

It is important to note that while early stages of 5G are present in Ashland as of January 2023, the full-feature set has yet to roll out. This includes additional frequencies of microwave radiation and 'small cell' towers placed on light poles or otherwise very close to the ground every few blocks in residential and commercial parts of the city. article about 5G and new city ordinances

New city ordinances to be recommended by Mr. Campanelli would restrict wireless companies from the carte-blanche permissions they currently experience when placing new infrastructure.

Oregon for Safer Technology recently submitted a rebuttal to clarify and refute some of the information found in a recent article (read it here) . We hope the rebuttal will be published in soon but want to share it here for your consideration:

Letter to the Editor of

In response to the article published on January 9th, titled “5G is Here”, I would like to clarify a few falsehoods. It is clear that Sacha Skye has not availed herself to the long-existing, independent scientific studies on the harmful effects of wireless technology. She is correct that 5G frequencies are non-ionizing and do not heat human tissue. However, thousands of peer-reviewed papers have reported adverse health effects at the cellular level from the less powerful frequencies of 2G, 3G, and 4G. The biological damage to our cells comes from the unrelenting pulsations of artificial energy The Telecom industry spends millions keeping the public misinformed, while using the media to ubiquitously disseminate their deception. emitted by wireless devices. Oregon for Safer Technology, along with the other 400 safe tech groups in the United States is fighting the onslaught of 5G and working to educate consumers. Furthermore, innumerable scientists from across the globe, with no ulterior motive beyond the safety of the human race, are sounding the alarm. Telecom is driven by profit, not human health. Pharmaceutical ads contain disclaimers on the horrible side effects of their drugs. This is because by law, Pharma companies are required to disclose these side effects. The Telecom industry isn't bound by such laws, even though the World Health Organization lists four ICD codes (International Classification of Disease) related to injury and illness from nonionizing / EMF radiation exposure. Telecom, following the Big Tobacco playbook, ignores the lethal dangers of their product, only touting faster and faster download speeds in their advertisements. As a result, those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, migraines, tinnitus, infertility, even cancer, learn of the risks too late. Ian Cropper, also quoted in your article, is entirely mistaken in characterizing Andrew Campanelli as a “snake-oil salesman”, while claiming “his business model is based on finding small towns anxious about their rollout of 5G”. The truth is Mr. Campanelli is renown for his exceptionalism and expertise in this area of the law. Mr. Campanelli did not contact us, we contacted him. Mr. Cropper also criticized Mr. Campanelli’s website for seeming to indicate that he is an “anti-cell tower lawyer”. What else would any expert in their field do but to let everyone know what their expertise is in? If I discovered that a cell tower was being erected close to my home, I would certainly seek an attorney specializing in fighting cell towers. Ashland and many other municipalities worldwide are at a turning point as they fight to keep profit-motivated corporations from poisoning our neighborhoods with radiation which adversely affect not only humans, but also our delicate ecosystems and the invaluable wildlife within them. Health-conscious Ashland cannot allow the proliferation of an untested microwave technology. Bombarding our fragile environment with pervasive and inescapable radiation before updated safety regulations and laws are enacted would be nothing less than insanity.


Oregon for Safer Technology is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of grassroots leaders throughout Oregon working with community members and legislators on local, state and national issues regarding safer technology through awareness and education.

If you'd like to support this mission, please consider making a donation:

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